American Pie

So I will need help with this project! 
I've gotten so far in my research, and need your help to complete it.

First, let me explain what I am doing.  I plan on illustrating the song American Pie by Don McLean.  Right now I have a literal interpretation story board and a historical interpretation story board.
I have an in process colorscript and some ideas for the feelings I'm trying to evoke.
BUT!  I want to know what it was like for the people who where alive when it happened.
I want to put personality and personal perspectives into this project (as much as I can anyway)!
There are just a few simple questions to answer.  You can respond here in the comments or copy and paste them into another message. I would appreciate any help you can give!

1. Where were you when the crash of February 1959 happened?/What impact did the deaths of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens have on you-if any?

2.Where were you during the Altamont Motor Speedway concert of 1969?/Do you remember hearing what had happened?

3.  Did these events play into your life at all, and if so, how?

4.  What was your perspective on America during the 60's? (ie: hopeful, scared, violent...)

5.  How do you feel when you hear the song American Pie?

6.  Do you think Rock and Roll music aided the 'revolution' of the 60's?

7.  Do you have any recommendations for good references I should use?


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