Nailed It

This nailed it pretty much exactly and it lines up with at least 80-85% of me.

For the longest time I always thought or had this image of artists balling themselves up and just working constantly alone.  But recently, that's only partly true.  While we all need time to work by ourselves, we thrive and feed off the energy and creativity of others.  Though we are a mix of shy and outgoing people, we are all very social.  This seems like a small revelation, but it has finally made sense to me.  I had been staring at this right in front of my face the whole time trying to disprove this theory of why I did not always want to be alone.  
Artists need to connect to others or we fail to thrive as artists. 

As for other accomplishments this week... 
I did finish some small projects and get myself a bit organized, but then the chaos of Valentine's week hit, and things went downhill.
Plan on reading 2 chapters in The Artist's Way this week and continuing on a productive path!
Let's see where this cold week takes us all!


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